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Hecho en MEXICO!!!
Hecho en MEXICO!!!
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MEXICO!!!  Children of the Aztecs, they once told me, and as sons of an angent culture, we have our 'have to be Proud' bands of own too.
These Bands aks nothing to the Europens ones...
Check them Out!!!

Tetriconia. A band, with bases been accustomed to as much as lyrical as in the line of vision of music and visuals.
During the first year of formation they experiment lot of stiles, finally obtaining an interesting material, hard, melodic, and in the same time with tendencies to black metal and gothic. So popular in those years. With this material TETRICONIA makes its debut in the musical scen

The Legion og Hetheria.- Is born in May 2002 as a gothic-symphonic metal band. After a few months of composing and playing live gigs, the band starts recording their debut album “The Gate”.
After the tour and with new band members, the band gets bigger in Mexico and starts working on new songs, with a little bit more aggressive but also more technical and catchy sounds, now combining also Rick’s classical tenor voice.